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Introduction. (English)

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There is a gap in the free world about to find pre-built drums patterns

as a drum machine. As the novice as the song’s composer who wants to

outline an arrangement, the assessment is : there’s still no consistent

free database about drum patterns. The project "Le Puzzle du

Batteur-TheDrummer’s Gigsaw" (formerly the “Drummer’s Free Art”)

aims to fill this gap.

In due course there will be a duplicate copy but for a real drummer. It’s

published under a GPLv3 License.

(see : http://www.gnu.org/licenses/ ).

Available only for Linux.

First of all you have to read the README.pdf.

New :


You have to install : GNU Lilypond >= 2.14.1 http://lilypond.org

midicomp 0.0.4 http://midicomp.opensrc.org/midicomp-0.0.4.tar.gz

Download midicomp 0.0.4 then, in root console, move it to /usr/local (or /usr) :

# mv /YOUR/PATH/... /midicomp-0.0.4.tar.gz /usr/local (or /usr)

Still in root, go to /usr/local (or /usr)

# cd /usr/local (or /usr)

Unpack :

# tar -zxvf midicomp-0.0.4.tar.gz

and go to new repertory :

# cd /usr/local/midicomp-0.0.4 (or /usr)

then tape (still in root) :

# make

If you choose /usr the binary should be installed in /usr/bin au- tomagically but in the case of /usr/local I think you have to move this -file in /usr/local/bin after the compile :

# mv /usr/local/midicomp-0.0.4/midicomp /usr/local/bin

Python 2.6.x with Tk option activated. Already in your Linux distribution.

GNU Bash, GNU awk and GNU sed by default in your Linux distribution.

As default midi config I use Timidity++ 2.13.2 with eawpatches.



Untar the archive. (tar jxvf ....) In your terminal go to your Drummer-s-Gigsaw’s repertory. cd /home/....../Drummer-s-Gigsaw and run the bash script : sh INSTALL.sh You are done.


* In this new version you no longer need to gvim. Thus you can use your preferred text editor or even a dedicated editor like Frescobaldi or Lilypondtool...

* Now you can write all notes values, from whole note (1) up to * one-hundred-and-twenty-eighth note (128) and even dotted values.

* The manual is updated. (translated in my terrible English)

The new version is here : (only for Linux)

- Le Puzzle du Batteur-The Drummer’s Gigsaw : version du 13/07/2011).

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